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Amal Maher - امال ماهر

Name : Amal Maher
Country : Egypt
Birth : February 19th 1985

Amal Maher Salim, or Amal Maher (امال ماهر) is an Egyptian singer born on February 19, 1985.

Considered one of the most talented artists of her generation, she began singing as a child. Amal is discovered by the general public at the age of fifteen, by taking up the songs of the great singer Oum Kalsoum. She drops out of school to devote herself fully to music. She thus enrolls at the Conservatory of Arabic music with a dream in mind: to start a singing career.

This dream is made possible by the composer Mohamed Diae, with whom she gets married for some time and gets a son, Omar. Mohamed helps her indeed in the realization of a song and its videoclip, Ely Binak W Binah: the song was aired heavily on radio and music television channels. She records her first song in 2006. Amal Maher gets the support of many artists, such as Amar Al Sharii, who she considers as a sort of his spiritual father. Indeed, the artist supported Amal as much as he could throughout her career.

In 2006, she releases her first album, Isa ’Ini Ana with many singles such as Eini Aliki Ta Tiba, Makanak, Alo El Malayka, Ana El Basha Ghona, Ana Baadak or Ya Marsr. The star participates to a lot of concerts in Egypt and the neighboring countries. In 2009, she appears in several of the largest festivals. She records a second album which is still unknown by the general public: its release, initially scheduled for 2010, is postponed to the New Year, then to mid-January, but the revolutions keep pushing its release indefinitely. The star, still influenced by her idol, the diva Oum Kalsoum, remains confident for the future and she achieves her goal of becoming one of the most talented singers of her generation.