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نفسي افهم ليه
Wish to understand

Shereen - nafsee afham leih (نفسي افهم ليه)

Artist : Sherine Ahmed
Song : Nefsy Afham Leeh
Album : Es2al 3alia
Year : 2012

نفسي افهم ليه مبقتش بحبك زي الاول
نفسي اعرف ليه احساس جوايا بدأ يتحول

مبقتش بحس براحة معاك
واكيد نفس الاحساس جواك

في حاجات كتير في علاقتنا بقت مملة
مابقاش في حاجة نقولها لبعضنا

بقينا ليه زي اللي ماسكين لبعض زله
في حاجة حلوه خسارة ضاعت مننا

نفسي افهم ليه مبقاش بينا نفس الاحساس
نفسي اعرف ليه اتغير فينا مش عارفه

بقى في بيني وبينك مسافات
بتموت جوانا انا وانت حاجات

فاكر زمان اول ما شفتك وتقابلنا
حسيت ساعتها اني اتولدت من جديد

وعدتني اني هعيش جنبك
وفضلت جنبي لكن حاسه انك بعيد
I wish to understand why i didn't love you as at the beginning?
I wish to know why feelings inside me started changing?

I no longer feel comfortable with you
And for sure there is the same feeling inside you

There are many things in our relation that became tedious
There is nothing that we say to each other

Why we became as we are holding each other in humiliation.
There is a great thing, and the bad one that we lost it

I wish to understand why there is not longer the same feeling between us
I wish to know why you have changed i between us? i dont know

Long distance has became between us
There are things dying inside of us

Do you remember a time when i saw you and we meet each other
I felt at that time that i reborn again

I promised myself that i will live beside you
And keep staying next to me but I feel that you are far away