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الحلم الأبيض
The White Dream

Najwa Karam - El 7elm El Abyad (الحلم الأبيض)

Artist : Najwa Karam
Song : El 7elm El Abyad
Album : Aam Bimzah Maak
Lyricist : Imad Shams Eldeen
Composer : Imad Shams Eldeen
Arranger : Dani Helo
Producer : Rotana
Year : 2008
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بقلب الضجيج سمعت صوتك جيت
بطلت اسمع بس وحد بسمعك
دشرت بيت الاهل مطرح ما ربيت
افرح معك ابكي معك ابقا معك

بالحلم الابيض والطرحة والمحبس يلمع بايدي
وبعينيي دمعة فرحة عم ترسملي دنيي جدديدة

بدي قول لكل الدنيي حبيتك
بدي قول لكل العمر نقيتك

يا هلا يا هلا يا هلا

ياورود شتي لضيوفنا ملو ديارنا وحبابنا كلن
قلن يا قلبي ال ما مشوا مشوارنا ع قبالهن قلن

يا بنات هنو عروسنا
يا شباب هنو عريسنا
وعقبال العزابيي كل شب يلاقي صبية
عليي ردوا ردوا ردوا عليي
In the midst of the chaos, I heard your voice and came.
I stopped listening to everything else, and could only hear you.
I told my family, who raised me, of the good news.
I want to laugh with you, cry with you, and remain with you forever.

In the white dream,
With the wedding ring shining on my finger,
And tears of joy filling my eyes,
You are painting me a new life.

I want to tell the whole world, I love you.
I want to tell the all of time, I chose you

O flowers, fall on our guests and loved ones and fill our celebration.
Tell everyone who is still single, I hope they are next.

Girls, congratulate our groom.
Boys, congratulate our bride.
I hope all you bachelors are next,
And I hope that every man finds his woman.
Come on, sing with me!