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You Better Not

Shereen Ahmed - Mabalash - مابلاش

Artist : Shereen Ahmed
Song : Mabalash
Album : Habbeit
Lyricist : Nour El Baz
Composer : Tamer Ali
Arranger : Hassan El Shaf3i
Year: 2009

وانا ممكن كمان اعمل كده زيك تمام
ماتشوفش منى اهتمام ولا كلمه متقاله بحنان
واقدر كمان اعملك بنفس اسلوبك
زى مابقدر اجملك وادارى فى عيوبك
مابلاش توصلنى لكده عشان انا متأكده
صعب الحياه بالشكل ده وعشان كده انا متردده
وانا اصلا كمان تعبانه من زمان
وشايله جوايا كلام لو قولته صعب عليك تنام
وانا اقدر كمان اضيقـك اكتر ماتتصور
لاكن ساكته بمزاجى على ما تتغير
I can also do exactly like you do
You don't see any attention from me nor any word kindly said
I can also treat you the way you do
Exactly like I can beautify you and hide your defects
So you better not make me do it because I'm sure
The life is hard like that, and that's why I'm hesitating
And I'm also tired for a long time
and I'm holding many words that if I say , it will be hard for you to sleep
I can irritate you as well , more than you can imagine
But I'm keeping silent with my mood until you change