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يا واحشني
Oh you whom I miss

Tamer Hosny - Ya Waheshni (يا واحشني)

Artist : Tamer Hosny
Song : Ya Waheshni
Album : Ekhtart Sach
Lyricist : Tayam
Composer : Ali Sha'ban
Arranger : Tamim
Producer : Mazzika
Year : 2010
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كل يوم بيفوت عليا ليك بحن فى كل ثانية صعب اعيش فى الدنيا ديه الا بيك
احساسى انك حبيبى وانى مش شايفك بعينى اد اية مشتاق لحضنك مش لاقيك
حتى وانت بعيد عليا لسه بتحلم بيك عينيا نفسى ترجع تانى ليا انت فين
ليه سايبنى اعيش لوحدى قولى راضى ازاى ببوعدى وقفه كل حياتى بعدك اعيش لميين؟
يا وحشنى وانت عنى بعيد همووت واخدك فى حضنى مهما يحصل برضو قلبى روحو فيك
ياحبيبى انا كل همى انت عايش ازاى فى بعدى نفسى بس لو مره اطمن عليك
Everyday that passes me by, I long for you more with each second, It's hard for me to live in this world without you
My feelings say that you are my love, but my eyes don't see you, oh how much I miss your embrace, I can't find you
Even when you're apart from me, my eyes still dream of you, I want you to come back to me, Where are you?
Why did you leave me to live by myself, tell me how you are satisfied with being away from me, my whole life stood still, after you who shall I live for?
Oh how I miss you now that you're away, I'd die to take you in my arms, no matter what happens my heart's soul is still within you
Oh darling all my concern is how you can live away from me, I just wish to be sure at least once that you are fine